For women and men who want to look years younger


Up until now, anti-aging creams have only been treating the surface of the skin. They have not been able to penetrate the “Dermal-Epidermal Junction” (known as the DEJ). Most conventional creams do work, but their effect is limited to any improvements that can be made in the outer layers of the skin. Rejuvion changes all that!

Our unique formulation and special treatment allows the di-peptide, L-Carnosine, to cross the DEJ and work on the actual foundations of the skin. The “secret” treatment of the main ingredients dramatically increases their bio-availability (how they are absorbed and used by the body).

It penetrates deeply to repair and rejuvenate the cells that are actually responsible for the wrinkles and aging effect. The cell renewal process stimulated by the L-Carnosine, and other ingredients, makes the whole skin structure look younger and healthier. You genuinely do GROW-YOUNGER.

It also reinforces the DEJ membrane which, in turn, removes the undulations and crevices that show as wrinkles on the surface.

We have also included many recognised ingredients that are already proved scientifically to work on the outer layers of the skin. These gradually remove blemishes, improve the complexion and texture of the skin, and boost its protective properties.