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Rejuvion Testimonials

  • As used and endorsed by Lara Daans - Star of 'The Poet' and many other films

    I tried the Ethos Rejuvion cream last night for the first time and I was amazed first of all by the way my skin felt after using it. I ran my fingers over my cheek and It felt like silk. So soft and smooth. I liked the lack of fragrance that creams usually have. The texture was different as well in that you had to massage it in and it seemed to disappear when you did that as opposed to spreading easily and sliding over the surface of the skin. That made me think that it actually was reaching below the surface of the skin. I am looking forward to seeing how this all effects my skin in general.

    Two days later

    Well I have been using the Rejuvion for 3 days now and is it possible that it drew a deep black head to the surface that I noticed lately and I was therefore able to remove it myself without going for a facial? I also noticed my skin exfoliating in areas and an overall glow to my skin. This is very exciting and I look forward to seeing more results.

    Many thanks,

    Lara Daans

    Five weeks later...

    I have been using Ethos Rejuvion for about 5 weeks now and people are noticing that my skin is brighter and glowing!! I have noticed a reduction in some sun spots I had and a healthier looking even complexion. I feel more confident without makeup now and almost hate to put it on for auditions. I can't wait to see what else can happen from using this cream religiously.

    Thanks for such a wonderful, natural product.

    All the Best,

    Lara Daans

  • 'As used and endorsed by supporting artist Samantha Jones, as seen on TV in: BBC's Silent Witness, Holby City, ITV1's The Bill, Spooks, The Golden Hour'

    After four years in the making, Samantha Jones very kindly agreed to be one of the very first people to test the finished product; Ethos Rejuvion.

    Below are her comments about the benefits that she has noticed from using this revolutionary new wonder cream. 

    Day 1 

    I had to email you to tell you I have just tried Rejuvion.  I have used heaps of creams in the past, all claiming one thing or another, which often leaves my skin feeling quite greasy.  Now my skin feels lovely, it's really soft and that’s just after one application! I can't wait now to see and feel my skin after a week.

    Many thanks, and I shall keep you posted… 


    Two weeks later 

    I've been using the new Rejuvion cream now for a couple of weeks and this week I've had a few interesting comments from people:

    "Your skin is glowing"
    "Your skin looks lighter and brighter"
    "You've got nice clear skin, you're lucky"

    …which, considering Richard is working away, I'm working full time and sorting out 2 kids aged 9 years and 18 months, I was very pleased with these comments (I should be looking knackered by now!). 

    Just before he left, I applied some cream around his eye area. When he picked me up from the station that evening, the first thing he said to me was "look at my eyes, they really feel different and tight and I'm sure they look different".
    My skin certainly feels tighter and a lot smoother.

    The lines just under my neck have reduced and I had a few lines starting around my lines, which also look as though they are reducing as well.  I do take Ethos Endymion as well on a daily basis.  Right I’m, off to Revital my eyes now.
    Take care,



    Five Weeks Later - What can I say...

    Well, what can I say .... each week things just get better and better with Rejuvion. I have quite a 'red' tone to my skin and my 't' zone on my face was always quite greasy. My skin tone has really evened out and hat red tone has certainly died down - so much so that I haven't worn foundation for the last week!! (I do apply a SPF to my face 10 minutes after applying Rejuvion, just for added protection). The greasy parts of my face are no longer greasy and I feel that when I walk into a room people see me and not my face first!!

    During the first few weeks of using Rejuvion, due to its exfoliating properties, I noticed a lot of dead cells coming off; this has now reduced and I feel like I have had a 'mini peel' which is fab.

    Pete, I'm worried that my face and neck will look wonderfully young but what about the rest of me - can we have Rejuvion in a body lotion??

    I can't believe how long it has lasted (great for the consumer!) it really is the best product I have used.

    Take care for now,


  • Since 2001,  I have had 5 back surgery's with each one leaving me just a little worse than the one before.  The pain has been insurmountable and with this pain and stress the lines and creases on my face have brought unwanted and undeserved wrinkling and added aging to my complexion.  I was introduced to Rejuvion three jars ago and it has truly been a blessing.  I look in the mirror and feel I have recaptured many of the years lost.  I would hate to think of ever being without it.  For this I thank you and the wonderful scientists behind this product.
    Best Wishes......
    Bonnie Best

    Orangevale, USA

  • Hi Tom,

    Are you looking younger???  I have found that it really does work.

    It has improved my skin texture and faded spots. Its exciting as
    every day I can see the improvement. I'm going to see what it can
    do for my daughters acne spots, I'm sure it will help.

    I hope this finds you and your wife well.

    Take Care,

    Brigitte, USA

  • Thanks for letting me try Rejuvion. I feel as if my skin is saying “Thanks Pete” every time I put it on my face. You can almost sense the goodness being sucked out of the cream and into my skin. I have now been using it for 10 days. The wrinkles haven’t gone yet (as you know there are a lot!), but the skin on my face already feels much fresher and is developing a lovely sheen.

    The remarkable story so far is the back of my hands. As a trial I am only applying the cream to my left hand at the moment but I can already see a great improvement. It is smoother and looks much thicker (there must be a technical term…..) and stronger. The brown spots (from 60+ years of sunbathing) have almost gone. I won’t be carrying out this part of the test for much longer – the back of my right hand is desperate for Rejuvion and it wants to look like the left hand.

    Pat, UK

  • I am in my early 50s and so have a 'mature' skin which needs all the help
    it can get!  I found the cream very light and it was absorbed into my face
    and neck without any trace of stickiness or shine, very quickly!
    Mandy, UK


  • Ethos Rejuvion Elixier of Youth

    I'm sixty years of age with the usual signs of ageing - the little wrinkles from smiling and squinting and from pulling funny faces. My skin is very delicate, fragile even, and most skin treatments or creams have an adverse affect on it. They often block my pores and causes tiny spots overnight and so I was keen to try this new product in the hope that it would work as well for my skin as Ethos Endymion does for my body.
    The first time I applied Ethos Rejuvion Elixier of Youth to my face I noticed how cool and relaxed my skin felt. It was absorbed into my skin in seconds; with no greasiness or feeling of residual oil left behind. A tiny amount was sufficient to cover my face and 10ml used twice daily lasted me a full seven days, which makes it excellent value (there's 50ml in a Jar).
    After a couple of days I felt my skin was softer and looked healthier; with good tone and seemingly less noticeable lines. I had no problems with blocked pores, which is amazing as it was something new to my skin.
    I found that my make-up went on easier after using Rejuvion. I had better coverage with it and it stayed on longer than it usually does.
    On the seventh day I knew for certain that my skin did indeed look better than it had for years. I am now very keen to purchase this product so that I can use it more than twice a day.
    Thanks to Ethos Endymion I have the biological age of a teenager and with Ethos Rejuvion Elixier of Youth I'm going to have the skin of a teenager too!
    I would definitely recommend Ethos Rejuvion Elixier of Youth to every woman, no matter her age, who wants to always look her very best always.

    Mary, UK